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Monday, January 02, 2006

5 140's and a kinda 180

Ok I threw 4 games of singles cricket with my new darts and didn't average over 2 MPT. I was disgusted. I even had a game going with a 2.89 going into the bulls and ended up averaging something like 1.2 mpt... So I got out the old darts and thew 2/3 games over 2 MPT and had no problems bulling. The one game I had a 1.8 MPT average I just couldn't hit a trip... and took 3 turns to bull hitting one each turn.

My groupings are better with my new darts but I hit exactly what I am aiming for more often with the old ones... and the old ones are trained to hit the bull... lol...

I then threw some 501 fido games... 27,29,27,34,44,45,36 darts to finish... during which I took out 68 twice and 93. 93 is my best in my db. My best 501 game is still 24 darts which I played dido... I thew a 140 in the 34 dart game and a 121 in the final 36 dart game. I took out 68 with 20 D16 D8 and the other time I took it out 16,20,D16... the first time I was aiming trip 20...

Some stats from my 501 fido log...
3 dart Ave = 40.84
Darts per game = 36.8
Turns to close = 3.2

this is my own stat... how many turns after you reach 40 or lower.. I count anything higher as a 0. 6/20 were 0... 12/20 in 3 turns or less.

I then decided to throw shootout sinced I haven't done it in a bit. I thew a 48.65 3 dart ave in the first game (20 turns)... The second game I thew 3 140's and averaged 61.35. I had a 3 and a 7... the 7 was 2 trip 1's and another one... I really thought I almost had a 180 on the one but I hit the top of the one dart and it bounced just out. I know more 180's are coming

Ok the kinda 180 was with the new darts. I thew the first 2 in then the thrid one when in really pointing up and fell out of the board. I picked it up and went back to the line and put it right back in there. Not a true 180 but I'll remember it for confidence.

The new darts... I just can't tune them... I am going back to the old darts. The good thing that came out of this is that I found a grip that gets rid of the left to right wobble I had... and my darts don't stick in the board pointing a bit right anymore. I'll kinda pinch the dart with the thumb and index finger then put my middle finger where the point meets the barrel. I seem to have more feel now too. I like those darts and I thought longer shafts would do the trick... nothing seamed to work when I took them to the dart store and tried a bunch of different shafts and flights...


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